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Rosenthal: Bucs May Move Nate McLouth

Ken Rosenthal:

The Pirates are aggressively shopping Nate McLouth, who is a popular target for teams looking for left-handed hitters and/or center fielders. McLouth could be a lesser option for the Cubs if they fail to land Kosuke Fukudome, and the Padres, Phillies and Braves also are expressing varying degrees of interest. Guillen's deal with the Royals virtually ensures that free-agent center fielder Aaron Rowand will move beyond the Phillies' price range.

I wonder what, if anything, this means about Neal Huntington and Frank Coonelly's trust in Nyjer Morgan, who I think definitely shouldn't be starting. Still, McLouth had a good season, and if four teams are interested, it might not be a bad idea to move him, especially with Andrew McCutchen waiting in the wings.

By the way, in the same article, Rosenthal reports a huge honker of a rumor, in which the Tigers would trade some package involving Andrew Miller and/or Cameron Maybin for Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis. I bet this doesn't happen, though - after Miller and Maybin, there's very little left in the Tigers' farm system, if those two are a part of the farm system to begin with.

-P- The Braves have acquired Will Ohman and Omar Infante from the Cubs for minor league reliever Jose Ascanio. Ascanio isn't old and had a good year in 2007 for Class AA Mississippi, but I like this deal for the Braves - Ohman's a capable reliever, and his peripheral numbers indicate that he could reel off a few good years for them. The Cubs lost trust in him this year, sending him to Class AAA Iowa for a few weeks in August and leaving him off their postseason roster.