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Pirates to Sign Chris Gomez

UPDATE: The Post-Gazette says this deal isn't done yet.

The Pirates have agreed to a one-year, $1 million deal with infielder Chris Gomez, the Trib reports. The deal will be complete after Gomez passes a physical.

It's honestly a little bit weird to me that Gomez is still in the league - I know him mostly from the video game Triple Play '96 (or was it '97?), and he's done almost nothing to get my attention since I stopped playing that game almost a decade ago. But he's managed to stay in the league since then by putting up okay numbers with surprising consistency. Actually, with OPS+s of 90, 115 and 83 since 2005, he may have had the best three-year stretch in his career in the last few years. He can still play anywhere in the infield - the Orioles used him in 10 games at shortstop - so he's a worthy utility guy. Obviously, this signing isn't really worth getting excited about either way, but it wasn't a bad idea.

This signing may mean that Josh Wilson's days with the Pirates are already over - he's out of options, and there's no reason for the Pirates to keep both Josh Wilson and Gomez.