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Jason Bay Trade "Dead"

Trade talks between the Bucs and Indians regarding Jason Bay are "dead," the Post-Gazette reports. I was still pretty excited when I read this article, in part because it mentioned that Ronny Paulino would be involved in the deal. You could put together any deal, and as long as it involved tossing in Paulino, I'd be psyched. Ian Snell, Tom Gorzelanny, Andrew McCutchen and Paulino for Henry Blanco? Sign me up!

Anyway, the sticking point was apparently that the Indians wanted the Pirates to take on Cliff Lee's contract as part of the deal, and the Pirates wanted a prospect instead. They also wanted Franklin Gutierrez, who's a decent young outfielder.

The article also reports the Yankees' interest in Damaso Marte and, to a lesser extent, John Grabow.