Rule V Draft

What are we getting?

I guess the Devil Rays are entertaining 2 options:

  1. Take Brian Barton with the first pick.
  2. Sell the pick to the Padres, who will take Brian Barton.
I'm going to try and keep up with this today.

UPDATE 2:19 PM by Charlie: Nice work here, Bryan and Vlad. The Bucs took reliever Evan Meek, a 24-year-old from Tampa Bay who posts good strikeout rates but has trouble with control. This is the sort of player I thought they'd take - someone who can potentially help the bullpen - although Meek himself wasn't on my radar. The Pirates released Jose Castillo to make room on the roster.

Don't shed any tears for Castillo - who the Pirates weren't going to take to arbitration anyway - or for Barton, who probably would've clogged up space on the roster without contributing much. The Bucs already have a bunch of outfielders, and Barton will be 26 early next season, so his AA numbers aren't really that impressive, and he didn't perform well in a small sample at AAA last year.

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