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Salomon Torres Traded to Brewers

Not to steal the thunder of either Brian M or livebythepiratesword, who already posted diaries about this, but I'd like to weigh in here. By all means, continue your conversations in the diaries.

The Bucs have dealt Salomon Torres to the Brewers for minor-league relievers Kevin Roberts and Marino Salas.

Given Torres' age and his troubles last year, I frankly doubt his ability to pitch well going forward, so getting two younger players for him wasn't a bad idea in theory.

However, even with my doubts, Torres is signed to a favorable contract (he's owed $3.2 million in 2008 and $3.75 million in a 2009 option year, with a $300,000 buyout if the option isn't exercised). I'd think that $3.5 million for one year of a potential workhorse reliever would be a price many teams would be quite happy to pay, given the market for guys like J.C. Romero, David Riske, and so on.

So for Neal Huntington to get only minor league relievers here is somewhat disappointing. Roberts is the interesting guy here - he was 23 last year and struck out over a batter an inning, although he was still in Class A and had control problems. He apparently showed a very live arm last year, so we'll see whether that continues. Salas will be 27 in February, so he's nearing the age where what you see is what you get, and nobody took him in the Rule 5 draft, so he isn't much of a prospect.

Acquiring bullpen depth is important, undoubtedly, but I'd have liked to see Huntington get more than this, and I'd prefer to have him wait and try to get a starter or a hitter, even if that meant reaching even further into the minors.