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Sporting News: Pirates Have Top Bullpen in NL

At least they did before the Mike Gonzalez trade. Who knows why the Sporting News needs so much lead time for its articles to be published on Yahoo. Anyway, this is nice to read, even though losing Gonzalez was a huge blow to the quality of the 'pen, and it's nice to get a quick glance at what other teams are up to. The team whose bullpen scares me the most is the Dodgers. Takashi Saito and Jonathan Broxton are just nasty, and Hong Chih Kuo could be too if he makes the team. (It's not often that a guy can strike out 71 batters in 59 innings as a starter and have to fight for a job then next year.) Brett Tomko was also pretty good as out of the pen last year, and with his stuff, he seems like the kind of guy who could suddenly emerge as a dominating reliever.

Thanks to OnlyBucs for the link.