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Link Roundup: 2/17/07

-P- OnlyBucs has a good report from Spring Training.

-P- Via Primer, Ty Wigginton sure had an interesting offseason. He delivered his own son in a bedroom closet.

-P- John Van Benschoten and Bryan Bullington seem healthy. And after missing a few days with visa troubles, Romulo! is in camp. Tony Armas Jr. and Serguey Linares still haven't yet reported.

-P- An update on the BD fantasy league: I'm kind of surprised how much interest there has been. I'm leaving a handful of spots open for people who played last year, which is why you may not have heard from me yet if you emailed me late yesterday or today. If I already have an email from you, though, you're probably in - I just need a little more time to sort things out. Please still email me if you're interested, and if this league fills up we can set up another one.