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Link Roundup: 2/19/07

-P- So, in addition to the knee problems we already knew about, B.P. Chacon also has arthritis in his knee. Lovely. I don't know how this will affect him, but I look at the incredible shrinking career of Garret Anderson - who also has problems with arthritis - and I get suspicious that B.P. will ever do anything good for the Pirates. Of course, I was extremely suspicious to begin with. The Pirates need to cut him.

-P- Tony Armas Jr. has reported to camp. Also, it got buried by the Cubs preview, but Armas' community projection is open.

-P- This is the third link in a row from the Post-Gazette, but what the heck. Dejan Kovacevic has a good question:

What I do wonder about, though, is the merits of choosing pitchers in the first round. If they are such a gamble from the health perspective -- and they are, at any industry-wide level, not just in Pittsburgh -- then why not simply draft them in bulk rather than using a first-rounder on them? In other words, why not draft a whole bunch of them in rounds 2-9, but make very sure that the first-rounder goes toward someone who is more certain to be a premier talent on an everyday basis with less risk of that career being derailed by injury?

Well put. None of the young starters in the Pirates' rotation except Paul Maholm were first round picks. I think WTM has made this argument before - in general, the thing to do is grab a position player early, then take a bunch of live arms later in the draft. Of course there are exceptions - there wasn't a premier position available when the Bucs drafted Brad Lincoln last year, so drafting him was probably a good idea. But that wasn't the case when the Pirates drafted, for example, Bryan Bullington.

-P- Onlybucs has its second Spring Training report.