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Wow, Are the Nationals Screwed

SI on Cristian Guzman:

"Guzman,'' [manager Manny] Acta said, "is the key''...

"I don't think Guzie can be as bad as he was in 2005, not even if he tries to,'' Acta said. "I'm looking for him to be a big help to us, and we're going to need him big-time or else it's really going to force us to make some moves around the infield"...

A couple of times by the batting cage, Acta yelled out a playful, "Guzman, la esperanza de los Nacionales!'' - "Guzman, the hope of the Nationals!''

Guzman, la esperanza de mi HACKING MASS team! Say what you want about the NL Central, but there isn't a starter in the division as bad as Guzman. Not even Brad Ausmus.