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Link Roundup: 2/2/07

-P- Brett Myers has signed a three-year, $25.75 million extension. Even if you don't care about the contract, you should click on the link just to see Myers' picture. Anyway, good for Brett, I say. As some of you may remember, he's one of my favorite players.

-P- Mike Matheny has retired after his doctor refused to clear him to play 2007. He missed most of the 2006 season with a concussion. Bengie Molina will replace Matheny behind the dish for the Giants.

-P- Brian Meadows has signed a minor-league deal with the Reds. That's a good career move for him - he'll surely appear with them this year. Meanwhile, Scott Sauerbeck and Rick White have signed minor-league deals with the Astros.

-P- Cory has a huge study on the way the Pirates bunted last year.

-P- Purple Row names a player from each NL team who's going to aggravate fans this year. For the Bucs, it's Chris Duffy:

Duffy's an out machine at the plate, and one more reason why Pittsburgh will remain entrenched at the bottom of the Central until Dave Littlefield and his crew are replaced.