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Community Projection: X

UPDATE: The Nady projections are now closed.

Xavier Nady (here is San Diego they called him "X," not Weapon X) will start the year as the Pirates' right-fielder. Will he be able to keep the job and avoid ending up in the short end of a platoon with Ryan Doumit? Will he hit for power like he did last year for the Mets, or average like he did last year for the Pirates? Or both? Or neither?

Let me know in the comments by predicting X's 2007 batting average, on-base percentage and slugging percentage

Chris Duffy is still open. Jason Bay is now closed. Here are the results.

Ronny Paulino C .271/.334/.414 .272/.327/.378
Adam LaRoche 1B .281/.350/.539 .279/.345/.526
Freddy Sanchez 2B .314/.360/.436 .306/.348/.432
Jack Wilson SS .273/.314/.373 .270/.312/.377
Jose Bautista 3B/OF .255/.343/.436 .255/.338/.431
Jose Castillo 2B/3B .259/.307/.404 .256/.304/.388
Jason Bay LF .294/.398/.564 .278/.378/.521

I think Bay will beat that ZiPS projection, but I also think our projection is too optimistic. We've got him posting the highest slugging percentage of his career and coming within four points of the highest OBP of his career. It's certainly possible, but I think it's unlikely.