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Community Projection: Salomon Torres

How will Salomon Torres fare in his first full year as a closer? How will Jim Tracy use him? And will that inexhaustible arm continue to be inexhaustible?

Let me know in the comments by projecting Torres' 2007 innings pitched, ERA, strikeouts and walks.

Tony Armas, Jr. is still open. Tom Gorzelanny is closed. Here are the results:

Ronny Paulino C .271/.334/.414 .272/.327/.378
Adam LaRoche 1B .281/.350/.539 .279/.345/.526
Freddy Sanchez 2B .314/.360/.436 .306/.348/.432
Jack Wilson SS .273/.314/.373 .270/.312/.377
Jose Bautista 3B/OF .255/.343/.436 .255/.338/.431
Jose Castillo 2B/3B .259/.307/.404 .256/.304/.388
Jason Bay LF .294/.398/.564 .278/.378/.521
Chris Duffy CF .285/.340/.387 .274/.326/.389
Xavier Nady RF .281/.338/.452 .280/.340/.467
Zach Duke 3.99 ERA, 209 IP, 126 K, 56 BB 3.92 ERA, 216 IP, 127 K, 59 BB
Ian Snell 4.28 ERA, 193 IP, 172 K, 71 BB 4.53 ERA, 169 IP, 140 K, 62 BB
Paul Maholm 4.48 ERA, 177 IP, 114 K, 72 BB 4.63 ERA, 177 IP, 115 K, 75 BB
Tom Gorzelanny 4.06 ERA, 162 IP, 124 K, 62 BB 4.11 ERA, 153 IP, 110 K, 58 BB

Wow. Again, that's really close, even though the individual projections were wildly divergent. Most people agreed that Gorzelanny would have an ERA of around 4, but some of people thought he'd be a strike-throwing machine and some thought he'd throw a bunch of innings, while others thought he'd have Tommy John surgery, and still others thought he'd maintain that 4 ERA despite Paul Maholm-like strikeout and walk numbers. We'll see - Gorzelanny never had control problems in the minors, but he walked a bunch of batters in the majors last year.