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Link Roundup: 2/22/07

-P- In case you didn't see this already, Jose Castillo took grounders at third base yesterday. Personally, I don't see how Castillo would ever make it as a third baseman. The average OPS at third across major league baseball last year was somewhere around .800. Honestly, what are the odds that Castillo will ever have an .800 OPS season? Anyway, Jim Tracy says not to read anything into it, so maybe I'm getting ahead of myself. But probably not.

-P- Xavier Nady was released from the hospital today after dealing with intestinal problems this week. There's no telling when he'll return to the field, however.

-P- Some ridiculously high praise for Zach Duke in this subscriber-only Prospectus article. A snippet: "If [Tom] Glavine wasn't still alive, I'd swear he'd been reincarnated as Duke."

-P- Via Red Reporter, here's a pretty funny interview with Adam Dunn by Astros pitching Chris Sampson:

Sampson: Are you ever going to fulfill on your offer to take me hunting on your ranch and take me and my wife out to dinner?

Dunn: The hunting all depends on if I go 0-for-4 off ya again. But no matter what happens, I will take your wife to dinner.