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Neil Walker Taking Well to Third Base

Some good news in the Post-Gazette today. Let's ignore the article on the miserable backup catcher situation, in which the Pirates don't want to use Ryan Doumit as a backup catcher because they want to play him at other positions (What keeps him from doing both? Well, nothing, really, but the Pirates don't see it that way), and so they're probably going to choose between either wasting a roster spot on one of three horrible players, or keep Doumit glued to the bench in case of an emergency. No, let's skip that and look at this:

[Yoslan] Herrera is throwing five pitches, including this evil-looking thing I have been told is a circle-change. If that pitch is successfully aimed anywhere in the strike zone, it will land there without a bat touching it. Starts out over your head, dips down and bends to the outside. For the best imagery, try to remember the patented Mike Williams slider, but add the Scott Sauerbeck curve to it. It is worth watching his sessions just to see this pitch.

Walker has been quite good at third base. He boots one now and then, but that is not what management is looking for at this stage, from my conversations. Rather, they want to see natural elements such as footwork, arm and reaction. All are there. The kid is a very good athlete, and it shows.

I'm getting antsy to see Herrera in action. And it sounds like Walker's going to be a good third baseman. Obviously, it remains to be seen whether his bat is good enough to play at third.