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I just noticed this:

[Neil] Walker is scheduled to be the Curve's catcher, but that is tentative. The Pirates have told him that they will have him try third base and the outfield this spring, too, mostly because Ronny Paulino appears to have the catcher's job in Pittsburgh locked up for years...

[Andrew] McCutchen will stay in center field most of the time, even though that is [Nyjer] Morgan's natural position. But he will see duty on the corners, too, another move aimed at preparing for Pittsburgh, where Chris Duffy is seen as the long-term center fielder.

Yes, let's move two of our most promising prospects to positions where their bats won't be as much of an advantage so that we can build around Ronny Paulino and Chris (#*$ Duffy. The Pirates have no idea why they aren't winning.

Depending on Walker's defense, the decision to move him may be defensible. But Ronny Paulino, a singles hitter who doesn't play great defense, should have nothing to do with that decision.

There can be no defense for moving McCutchen to a corner so that Chris Duffy can stay in the outfield. Every report I've ever seen suggests that McCutchen can handle center just fine, and, although you wouldn't necessarily know it from some of the players the Bucs have trotted out over the years, it shouldn't be that hard to find a good hitter to play in a corner. Meanwhile, Duffy is nearly 27 and has proven almost nothing at the big-league level. That the Pirates continue to act like he's some sort of building block amazes me to no end.