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Jeromy Burnitz Retires

Jeromy, we knew ye, perhaps too well. Burnitz is throwing in the towel after 14 seasons, 5 1/2 of which were with the Milwaukee Brewers. He hit 314 career homers and was excellent throughout his Brewers career - Milwaukee fans will surely remember him fondly. After that, though, his career was uneven - he put up a stinker of a year upon joining the New York Mets in 2002, then was great for them in 2003 until he collapsed down the stretch after being traded to the Dodgers. In 2004 he shined with Colorado, but was mediocre for the Cubs in 2005 and, as we all know, downright awful for the Bucs in 2006.

It's rarely a good sign when your team spends nearly $11 million on two players (Burnitz and Joe Randa) who retire the following offseason.

Happy trails, Jeromy.