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Pirates Cut 11 Players

The Pirates have cut 11 players, none of whom were expected to make the big-league roster. Here's the list:

C Carlos Maldonado
IF Javier Guzman
IF Eddy Garabito
OF Rajai Davis
OF Nyjer Morgan
OF Vic Buttler
P Josh Shortslef
RP Romulo Sanchez
RP Franquelis Osoria
RP Allan Simpson
RP Dave Davidson

Of these players, only Maldonado and Davis had any chance at the beginning of camp of making the team, and even those chances were incredibly remote. Maldonado's probably not a worse choice for backup catcher than Humberto Cota or Einar Diaz would've been, but he lacks those players' big league experience; and Davis might have had some hope of serving as the team's speedy 25th man, but he's absolutely useless with the bat.

Most of these players aren't prospects, just minor league veterans or outright scrubs. The only one who really bears watching is Davidson, a reliever who rocketed through the low minors last year, striking out 96 batters on the way.

By my count, this round of cuts leaves 48 players left in camp.

The Bucs beat the Indians 6-1 today. Neil Walker hit his first homer of the spring, Jason Bay went 2-for-2, Jose Hernandez had two doubles, and Tony Armas only allowed one run in four innings, although he only struck out one.