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Link Roundup: 3/12/07

-P- Tom Gorzelanny had a tough time yesterday, allowing four runs in five innings. Still, the hand-wringing we've already seen over him may be premature - he didn't allow a run in either of his last two innings, and he struck out four batters.

-P- Perhaps relatedly, the AP says Marty McLeary is "greatly improving" his chances at grabbing a rotation spot.

-P- From the first article, the Pirates are expected to cut some players today.

-P- I'm a day or so late on this, but I really liked what Jim Tracy had to say about Freddy Sanchez's position switch in this article:

"We are going to put the best team on the field," he said, quite pointedly, in reply to a question on the matter. "How that plays itself out, we'll see what happens. But the fear of this or the fear of that ... I don't think you play the game that way. Freddy certainly doesn't. And hey, you can get hurt walking across the street."

-P- Jack Wilson is one of my least favorite Pirates not only because of the gap between the player he is and the player the organization seems to think he is, but because of the things he says in the press. Here are two examples:

"Everybody has a simple role to fill," Wilson said. "It's not like 'You need to do this, this, this and this.' Just do this.

"In years past, it was like, 'Jack, we need you to hit second, hit close to .300 and get on base and if you can steal some every now and then that would be good.' It's not like that now. All I need to do is when Duffy's on first base I either get him over or take a bunch of pitches to let him steal second and then we work from there."

Apparently, for Jack, the most important result of the Adam LaRoche trade is that Jack no longer has to feel responsible for his terrible hitting.

Oh, and I love this one:

"Duffy, get on base and run. Jack, do whatever you can to get him in scoring position. Freddy, hit him in. Jason, hit him in. LaRoche, hit him in. Nady, hit him in. Paulino, hit him in. Castillo, screw you. We have five guys right there who can do a lot of [damage] in those holes."

I added a sentence there for effect, but it isn't hard to read between the lines to see the sentence I added in the original quote.

-P- If you happen to be in Bradenton, you can go to a sushi joint and order a "Kuwata Roll."

...Whew. After finishing this and a big Arcade Fire review, I'm going to bed.