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Bucs Dugout Contest: Guess the Pirates' 2007 Record

Okay, everyone, the rules are simple: Guess the Pirates' 2007 regular-season record, and put it in the comments. As a tie-breaker, guess the Pirates' 2007 runs scored and allowed.

The winner gets a card autographed by Zach Duke, which is probably a cooler prize than the one I awarded last year. Speaking of which, Psk984 won the contest last year by correctly guessing that the Bucs' would finish 67-95. His was the most pessimistic (serious) guess. You may want to keep that in mind. The average guess for wins was probably in the low- to mid-70s, which, according to the Stats Geek, is around where an oddsmaker has us this year.

Anyway, all registered users are free to participate, and everyone's free to register (even if you happen to just be dropping by), so let's see what you've got. This thread should close within ten days, so be sure to get your guesses in soon.