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BP Blasts Pirates

Baseball Prospectus blasts the Bucs in a subscriber-only article that you should read if you have the means. Buiding off the Pirates essay in Baseball Prospectus 2007, the article compares market populations, wealth and TV market size to show that although the Pirates are a small-market team, lots of other teams are in the same boat, and thus there's no excuse for the Pirates' continued futility:

Yet if the Pirates are not viable, then the same can be said of several other cities. None of them, however, are threatening to make a run at the 1933-1948 Phillies' record of 16 consecutive losing seasons.

In fact, although the Phillies of 1933-1948 were perhaps the most abjectly miserable, least talented team of all time, the Pirates' losing streak is more astounding as a feat of baseball incompetence.