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Who Will Follow the Tigers?

I just noticed this ten-question poll at the Post-Gazette, which is kind of amusing.

Here's my favorite question:

Which team has the potential to be 2007's Detroit Tigers?

A. Chicago Cubs
B. Pirates
C. Washington Nationals
D. Kansas City Royals

There's no "E. None of them," and you have to answer all ten questions in the poll to submit your ballot. Seriously - the Royals? The Nationals? Last time I checked, World Series teams need to have more than one pitcher.

So who does have the best chance of becoming 2007's version of the '06 Tigers, which I take to mean a team that makes an enormous improvement and winds up making the playoffs? (I guess you could go with the Cubs, but they dropped $300 million on free agents this offseason, so how surprising or interesting would that be?)

Here are my picks, selected from among teams who finished below .500 last year:

-P- ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS The D'Backs have a decent starting rotation led by the superb Brandon Webb, they added Randy Johnson in the offseason, and they have a boatload of very, very good young hitters (Carlos Quentin, Stephen Drew, Chris Young) who could mature very quickly.

-P- CLEVELAND INDIANS Cleveland's offense, led by Travis Hafner and Grady Sizemore, is already among the league's best, and they patched up their bullpen this offseason.

-P- MILWAUKEE BREWERS Everyone knows I love the Brewers - they have a ton of high-upside hitters and will benefit immensely if Ben Sheets stays healthy the whole season. They also play in a bad division.

What do you think? This should be a good topic for discussion, and there's a poll inside this thread.