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Bucs Cut Five

The Bucs cut five players today. This is the first round of cuts that mostly features players who might have had some prayer, however small, of making the team. Here they are:

IF Nick Green
OF Chris Aguila
UT Mike Edwards
RP Brian Rogers
RP Jesse Chavez

Green hasn't played at all this spring because of injury - as Dave Littlefield indicates in the article above, he might have had a shot at a bench spot (a small one, in my estimation) if he hadn't been hurt.

Aguila didn't have an impressive spring and will provide outfield depth for Indianapolis. He probably has more left in the tank than Michael Ryan, who's still in camp, but it's a waste of time to worry much about either of them.

We all know Edwards; he spent a bunch of time on the Bucs bench last year, but he did so badly both there and at Indianapolis that I can at least hope that won't happen again. He's a Jim Tracy favorite, though, so one never knows.

Rogers and Chavez were both acquired in the series of unfortunate transactions that preceded the trading deadline last year, and both had decent Springs. Rogers allowed more runs but somehow managed to strike out seven batters in less than four innings; Chavez only struck out two and walked two, but he only allowed one earned run in his four innings pitched. In any case, both are likely to join the Pirates by September if not before, especially Rogers, who's on the 40-man roster.