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O's Owner Angelos: I Stopped Deal For LaRoche

The Washington Post:

"I just thought that Brian [Roberts] should stay an Oriole, not that the front office didn't think so. They were looking at it from a standpoint of improving the ballclub," Angelos said Sunday, confirming that he nixed an offseason deal [with Atlanta, not the Bucs] for slugging first baseman Adam LaRoche. "And they may have been totally right. I looked on it as the retention of a player that came through our system and who is of such great value to the club for all the things that he does out there with the public and in the hospitals and so on.

"This is a special kind of player, just like Cal Ripken was for the Orioles. And the kind of player you want to keep as part of the organization. And so there's an area where one might say that I have interfered, but I felt impelled to do that from the standpoint of keeping a player that I thought was critical."

That's right, folks: Brian Roberts = Cal Ripken. As a Pirates fan, I have to say, it feels really nice to benefit from someone else's terrible ownership.

Thanks to Ryan for the link.