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Bucs vs. Red Sox

I don't have the time to do play by play today, but I did think I would post my observations throughout the game.

-The Bucs send Gorzelanny to the bump today to face Daisuke Matsuzaka. Gorzelanny gives up a pair of two out runs in the top of the first, and Dice-K gives up one run in the lower half. Duffy was hit in the back knee by a slow breaking ball to lead off, was moved over by Don Kelly (who is very tall and lanky). Paulino, batting in the three hole grounded out to short and Duffy advanced. LaRoche hit a single over the second baseman to score the run and Bay struck out.

-Gorzelanny's second was pretty smooth, 1-2-3. Matsuzaka batted third and probably shouldn't have bothered lifting a bat. He made no attempt to swing. Matsuzaka's 2nd inning went 1-2-3 also.

Today's lineup is terrible. Duffy, Kelly, Paulino, LaRoche, Bay, Bautista, McLouth, Castillo. Why is Bay batting 5th ever? It seems like every announcer on Earth feels the Bucs would be much better off with Sanchez batting second and Bay third. Good thing Jim Tracy is smarter than EVERYONE ELSE ON THE PLANET.