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Link Roundup: 3/21/07

A couple of links via Primer to start:

-P- On his blog, Royals writer Joe Posnanski talks about the NL Central with an anonymous scout. They don't talk much about the Pirates, but there is this:

Well, I'll tell you - they've got the young guy there, Ian Snell. Wow. I mean wow. He's got some great stuff. Off the chart stuff. You want to talk about someone who has a chance to be a No 1 pitcher - he's got a chance. I've seen him a few times, and I'm really, really impressed. For the Pirates, it's going to come down to their young pitching. I don't know where that's going. But watch out for Snell, I'm telling you.

Thanks to Primer.

-P- The Pirates find themselves in some trouble (scroll down) after trying to name the  sports bar in PNC Park (the one that's replacing the cigar bar) after Roberto Clemente.

-P- I mean no disrespect, but jeez, baseball uniforms are not flattering on old men.

-P- Pat is understandably concerned about Paul Maholm and Freddy Sanchez's mysteriuous absences from big-league Spring Training games.