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Braves Sign Brian McCann to Six-Year Deal

The Braves have signed star catcher Brian McCann to a six-year, $27.8 million deal. The Braves also get a $12 million option in 2013. Including the option year, the deal buys out two years of free agent eligibility.

The $27.8 million figure above is approximate - this is a really complicated contract. 2012 can also become an option year if McCann doesn't win "certain awards"; the deal contains $3 million in escalator clauses, of which McCann is likely to get at least $1 million; and so on.

Whatever, though - this is a great deal by the Braves. McCann his .333/.388/.572 while showing a broad base of offensive skills. He's a stud, and while it's obviously premature to say such things, especially about a catcher, it wouldn't shock me if he wound up in the Hall of Fame. This deal buys out all of his most productive years. If he keeps up his 2006 level of production - and unless he gets hurt, I think he will - this contract will save the Braves a ton of money.