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Monday Notes

Bucs were beaten badly in Bradenton by the Devil Rays yesterday, 12-4. A few notes from the game:
-Tom Gozelanny continued his awful spring by allowing 7 runs (five earned) in 5 innings of work.
-Brad Eldred went 0 for 4 with 3 strike outs and 6 left on base.
-Closer Salomon Torres was only able to retire 1 batter in the 9th, allowing 4 earned runs.

As Charlie reported, Freddy Sanchez will likely start the season on the DL.

Jim Tracy announced the Bucs starting rotation, and to no surprise it's Duke, Snell, Gorzelanny, Maholm and Armas. Thought this quote was interesting:

"To say that Tom Gorzelanny has been just terrible is completely inaccurate," Jim Tracy said. "He's had a little trouble in the first innings of some games he's pitched."
Last time I checked, the first inning was part of the game and counted...

Today the Bucs will take on the Blue Jays at McKechnie Field. Paul Maholm will make his third start of the spring against Blue Jays right-hander Josh Towers.


Yahoo has this to say - "Still unable to run the bases or make sharp cuts in the field, he [Freddy Sanchez] flew to Birmingham, Ala., to be evaluated and undergo a second MRI by orthopedic surgeon James Andrews."

The MRI showed nothing new as Dr. Andrews confirmed it is just a sprained knee ligament.

In this afternoon's action, the Bucs tied with the Blue Jays 2-2. Masumi Kuwata suffered a 3rd degree sprain of his right ankle when he accidentally collided with a third base umpire while backing up a throw to third base. Ryan Doumit hit a solo shot in the bottom of the ninth to tie the game.

A couple of trades went through today. First, the Marlins sent pitching prospect Yusmeiro Petit to Arizona for Jorge Julio. Second, the Dodgers sent Elmer Dessens to the Brewers for Brady Clark. The trades make sense I guess, since the Marlins were looking at Taylor Tankersley as their closer, Dessens wasn't going to make the Dodgers team, and the Dodgers need a backup outfielder with Jason Repko on the shelf.