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Friday Goods

Pirates have informed Dan Kolb that he will not be placed on the 25 man roster, and has subsequently become a free agent as of today. If he had made the team he would have been owed $1.25m plus there were about $1.3m worth of incentives in the contract. Kolb pitched 9.3 innings this spring, posting an ERA of 2.89 ERA with 8H, 3K and 9BB. The release of Kolb more or less defines that Jonah Bayliss and John Wasdin will make the team, along with Salomon Torres, Matt Capps, Damaso Marte, Shawn Chacon and Juan Perez.

The Post-Gazette has a bunch of stuff up about the upcoming season, some optimistic, some pessimistic. It's worth a read and I encourage you to go there to do so.

Baseball Prospectus has their Hope and Faith series up today about how the Pirates can win the World Series. It's pretty cool, and basically just says that we need our pitchers to be amazing, Duffy to raise his OBP to .350, have LaRoche hit 40+ homers and have Jason Bay be Jason Bay. I guess it's possible...

Today the Bucs will send Tom Gorzellany to the hill today in Bradenton against the Twins. I don't know if we should read too much into this, but Jim Tracy's lineup is exactly the same as yesterday:
Duffy - CF
Wilson - SS
Paulino - C
LaRoche - 1B
Bay - LF
Eldred - RF
Bautista - 3B
Castillo - 2B
Pitcher Spot


The Bucs have given both Jose Hernandez and Luis Matos unconditional releases today. Nate McLouth, Ryan Doumit, Humberto Cota, Brad Eldred, Don Kelly and Jose Castillo are left fighting for five bench openings. This of course is contingent on whether or not Freddy Sanchez is placed on the DL or not. I'm a little bit surprised by the Bucs dropping Jose Hernandez, because I think we all know Jim Tracy loves him.

Update on the Update

From the PG:

Infielders Jose Castillo and Don Kelly and Nate McLouth were added to the bench, but that remains incomplete. Catchers Ryan Doumit and Humberto Cota and outfielder Brad Eldred are in camp but have not yet been told if they are in or out.

Like Kovacevic said earlier, Brad Eldred has earned a spot on this team; he hit .311 with 6 homers, 13RBI and walked 11 times. Big Ups to my new favorite Pirate Don Kelly, the Mt. Lebanon High School and Point Park College graduate, on making his first major league club. You're the best thing to happen to the Pirates since Mike Benjamin's sideburns...

Game Notes

Tom Gozellany pitched pretty well after giving up a single run in each of the first 2 innings. He scattered 2 hits through the next 4 innings and struck out 8 batters showing good command. The Pirates only recorded 1 hit in the game before both teams had pretty much replaced all their starters in the 8th, when they scored 5 runs. Bucs win 5-3.

Tomorrow is the last game of the spring for the Buccos, again facing the Twins. I haven't seen any reports on who will pitch...