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Link Roundup: 3/7/07

-P- An Unofficial Pirates Message Board poster found this beautiful Spring Training photo gallery at Sports Illustrated.

-P- I didn't comment on this article yesterday about moving Brad Eldred to the outfield, but now that I can say a sentence or two: unless Eldred can hit about 40 homers, it's a really bad idea. The article compares Eldred to Adam Dunn because they're similar in size, but there are several things to keep in mind here:

  1. Dunn is a much better hitter than Eldred, and Dunn also has a broader base of offensive skills.
  2. Dunn stinks on defense, despite
  3. The fact that Dunn is a lot more athletic than Eldred is. You may be surprised to learn that Dunn has stolen 48 bases in the big leagues, including seven swipes without being caught last year. He can move around a little. Eldred doesn't even look particularly mobile at first. I guess if you're determined to try Eldred in right field, Pittsburgh, with its relatively manageable right field and rotation of groundball-throwing lefties, is the right place to do it. But I wouldn't. I think Eldred would look like Jeremy Giambi out there.
-P- It looks like the Bucs will continue to let Ryan Doumit catch.