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Pirates Release Jody Gerut

The Pirates non-career of Jody Gerut has come to an end. By cutting Gerut now, the Bucs save about $700,000. They must have reached the conclusion that Gerut would not be able to play this year.

This may not seem like such a big deal, but this means the Pirates got nothing but headaches when they traded Matt Lawton for Gerut in 2005. Some of us were upset with that deal to begin with - the least the Pirates could have done was get a prospect. Instead, they took the 'safe' route, grabbing a veteran who, as it turned out, gave them as much as a busted prospect would have and cost them over a million dollars to boot. When Gerut started playing for the Pirates, he wore a gargantuan brace on his knee. He landed on the DL less than two weeks after joining the club and never made it back to the big leagues.

UPDATE: The AP reports that the Bucs will look at Brad Eldred as an outfielder.