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Mark Redman Signs With Braves

With Mike Hampton newly injured, the Braves signed former Bucs hurler Mark Redman to a minor league contract. Redman is the second former Pirate the Braves have signed to a surprisingly cheap deal this offseason (Craig Wilson was the first). Steve Trachsel got $3.1 million when the Orioles got desperate in the wake of Kris Benson's injury. As horrible as Redman was last year (he had a 5.71 ERA for the Royals), I'd take him over Trachsel this year.

Via Primer, here's another piece of news about an ex-Pirate:

Duaner Sanchez' poor work ethic and attitude this spring have irritated Mets players and officials, and Willie Randolph reacted yesterday by issuing a strong message that it will no longer be tolerated.

Upset at what he felt was Sanchez's pattern of lateness for rehabilitation, Randolph evicted the reliever from the Tradition Field complex shortly after Sanchez arrived yesterday morning. Sanchez also was assessed a fine. He was told he can return to camp today.

Sound familiar?