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Link Roundup: 3/8/07

-P- Remember, in addition to the game earlier today, the Bucs also play the Indians tonight at 7:05. You can watch that one at B.P. Chacon will start.

UPDATE: Here's the box. The Bucs lead, 5-1. Jason Bay and Adam LaRoche are both 2-for-3.

-P- Jim Sullivan, who has been posting Spring Training diaries at OnlyBucs the past couple years, thinks something is wrong with Tom Gorzelanny. Obviously, Sullivan's not a journalist, and he's the only one reporting this so far, so feel free to take it with a grain of salt until you hear more.

-P- If you ever meet me at a game and ask me about Curt Schilling, I'll probably won't have many nice things to say or any nice way of saying them, but if this post is any indication, his new blog is going to be worth reading.

-P- Via Hardball Times, David Wells went on an African safari this offseason. This is one of the funnier stories I've read in a while. Wells ate some dik-dik. Well, I'll let him explain it:

Even a dik-dik, a furry little antelope, ended up on Wells' dinner plate after he "double-lunged it" from 30 yards with his bow.

"That was probably one of the best eating things I had," he said. "It doesn't sound good. Cute little suckers, too."