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Rosenthal: Padres to Sign Chris Young to Long-Term Deal

Ken Rosenthal:

On April 1, the eve of Opening Day, the Padres signed first baseman Adrian Gonzalez to a four-year, $9.5 million contract. Tuesday, they will announce a long-term deal with right-hander Chris Young, the other principal player they acquired from the Rangers in Dec. 2005.

Young, who turns 28 on May 25, has reached an agreement on a four-year contract with a club option for as fifth year, has learned.

As an extreme flyball pitcher, Young is an ideal fit for the Padres' ballpark. He had a 3.46 ERA last year, and there's no reason he can't put up numbers like that in the next couple years. I'm not sure he'll still be that good by the end of the contract, when he could well be Eric Milton in a better ballpark, but for now he should be quite good.

Painful painful painful...