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St. Louis vs. Pittsburgh, 10 April 2007


Randy Keisler (0-0, 0.00) vs. Tom Gorzelanny (1-0, 3.60).

Let's see if the Pirates can get it going. Facing minor league vet Keisler instead of the injured Chris Carpenter will surely help. Keisler apparently throws a fastball, a cutter, and a curve, and he has a good change. Honestly, though, it's tough to get much information about him because he hasn't attracted much interest in years. He was once a decent, but not great, prospect in the Yankees system, and he got a couple of short stints with them in 2000 and 2001. He missed the whole 2002 season with arm trouble, though, and since then he's bounced around the minors, making brief major-league stops for San Diego, Cincinnati and Oakland.

Here's the box. Scott Rolen is in it as I type this, but he's apparently been scratched with some sort of minor injury. The struggling Adam LaRoche has been moved down to sixth.