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On Quoting Others

It pains me to write this, but look: It recently came to my attention that there was something on this site that was taken, unattributed, from an article. Like a message board, this is a community-driven site, in that all registered users are capable of posting diaries (and comments). Obviously, I strongly encourage you to use these features. However, you have to do so responsibly. You can't quote entire articles, you can't quote extensively from articles that are behind a pay wall (for example, Baseball Prospectus premium articles and ESPN Insider articles) and, finally, you can't lift other people's work unattributed. You just can't. I reserve the right to ban you if you do. It makes me look bad and it makes the site look bad. So don't do it.

Sorry to heap more unpleasantness on what has already been a pretty unpleasant week for Pirates fans.