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Link Roundup: 4/17/07

-P- For those who might've missed it, Ian Snell was great again last night. He walked four batters, but he struck out six and only allowed three hits and one run in seven innings. For the year, he has twenty strikeouts and just six walks and one homer allowed in twenty innings. If he keeps that up, he'll be one of the best pitchers in the league in pretty short order. In his recent chat, Nate Silver had this to say about Snell:

Ian Snell (PNC Park): Am I for real? Or should I get a parachute for my rapid fall to Earth?

Nate Silver: Good strikeout rate, good first-second half splits last year, good scouting reports. I'll take two of you, Ian.

Me too.

-P- The Stats Geek has a good article explaining why the Pirates aren't bringing many runners home.

-P- Tom F. pointed me to this New York Times article about Ron Wright, who's now in pharmacy school in Idaho.

-P- More memories: here's an article on Turner Ward, the new manager of the State College Spikes.

-P- John Grabow pitched yesterday for Indianapolis and will probably pitch again tomorrow. It appears that the Wayback Wasdin era will soon come to an end.

-P- My favorite GM, Krazy Krivsky, is busy again. Ryan Freel is a nifty player to have around, but why bother signing a utility player in his 30s to a two-year extension that doesn't even begin until next year? This isn't a terrible move - in fact, it probably isn't among the ten worst moves Krivsky has made since becoming GM - but it mostly just seems like a manifestation of Krivsky's tendency to try to build teams around relievers and utility players.