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Houston vs. Pittsburgh, 25 April 2007

7:05, FSNP, WPGB

Matt Albers (0-0, 3.00) vs. Zach Duke (1-0, 9.00).

Albers is one of the few Astros pitchers we haven't seen yet this year. In fact, he's only pitched in one game, a start against Milwaukee last Friday in which he struck out one and walked three. He throws a fastball and breaking ball, and he's working on his changeup. He did well in the minors but didn't light them up, and he didn't spend a lot of time in Class AAA, so it would surprise me if he were incredibly successful right away.

Phil Garner was miffed about his squad's play last night. Let's see if their bats show up tonight.

Here's the box. Brad Eldred subs for the injured Xaiver Nady in right. Jose Bautista bats sixth; Ronny Paulino is eighth.

I'll be hanging out in the comments thread for this one, so as usual, feel free to join in.