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Houston vs. Pittsburgh, 26 April 2007

12:35 PM, WPGB

Wandy Rodriguez (0-2, 4.74) vs. Tony Armas (0-2, 18.90).

Who's ready to play another one?! Tony Armas tries to get on track this afternoon. Jim Tracy and the Post-Gazette on Armas' problems:

Tracy, on the key this afternoon for struggling starter Tony Armas: "He's been behind in the count. That's something he needs to fix." Evidence of that: Armas has had two 0-2 counts against his 40 batters. It is possible he is not yet trusting his stuff, perhaps with cause. In Los Angeles Saturday, he got two swinging strikes on his 63 pitches.
Here's the box. As others have noted in the comments, Ryan Doumit is back with the team and in the lineup.