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Cincinnati vs. Pittsburgh, 27 April 2007


Eric Milton (0-3, 4.32) vs. Ian Snell (1-1, 2.00).

The Pirates are now 10-10, which sounds fine, but they've allowed a lot more runs (84) than they've scored (74). If you adjust for equivalent runs and strength of schedule, they're more like an 8-12 team. They Pirates have only won one game (April 17 against St. Louis) by five or more runs, while they've lost two games (April 20 against the Dodgers and that cold April 6 game against Matt Belisle and these Reds) by at least five. Good teams win their share of blowouts. If the Bucs are going to continue to play .500 baseball, they're going to have to get their runs scored and allowed to match each other. Tonight would be a good time to start, with a good pitcher starting for us and a bad one taking the hill for the other guys.

By the way, Rowdy found this article about the Reds' current troubles. Guess what? They're having troubles with their bullpen. Not one of the relievers they acquired in the notorious Austin Kearns - Felipe Lopez trade has even pitched for the team this year. Great trade, Krivsky.