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Cincinnati vs. Pittsburgh, 28 April 2007

7:05, WPGB

Matt Belisle (2-1, 4.43) vs. Tom Gorzelanny (3-0, 2.05).

Here's the box. Ryan Doumit starts in right and bats sixth. For the Reds, Jeff Conine starts at first and Josh Hamilton is in right; Ken Griffey Jr., who has pleurisy ("an inflammation in the lining of a cavity surrounding the lungs") will sit.

The Reds are making transaction after transaction to solve their bullpen troubles. Yesterday, they dealt outfielder Chris Denorfia to the A's for two players to be named; today, it was revealed that minor league reliever Marcus McBeth is one of those players. As much as I like to mock Reds GM Wayne Krivsky, this is a pretty nifty move - Denorfia wasn't a high-upside player to begin with, and he'll miss most or all of this season after undergoing Tommy John surgery earlier this month. McBeth's 26, but he only started pitching about two years ago after being drafted as an outfielder, and he got promoted all the way from Class A to Class AAA last year. There might be some upside there, and the Reds want relief pitching. They also probably figured they could spare an outfielder with Josh Hamilton riding high, as opposed to being high.

The Reds also designated reliever Rheal Cormier for assignment, replacing him on the roster with reliever Brad Salmon. Salmon was off to a very good start against Class AAA Louisville and played well there last year. Cormier wasn't helping.

Anyway, I'll be in the comment thread for this one, or at least a big part of it, so feel free to join me.