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Link Roundup: 4/3/07

-P- Brian Bixler will play with Indianapolis, not Altoona.

-P- Speaking of Indianapolis and Altoona, WTM is over at OnlyBucs posting previews of the Pirates' minor league teams. Here are the ones that are already up:


-P- Fire Joe Morgan wants to know what's wrong with the Astros' lineup.

-P- Rockies GM Dan O'Dowd and manager Clint Hurdle each got extensions through 2009. I have no idea what these guys have done to deserve extensions - the Rockies haven't had a winning record since 2000. But I guess if Dave Littlefield got an extension last year, anything is possible.

-P- The AP reports that Bud Selig made $14.5 million last year.

-P- Speaking of folks who make much more money than they deserve, this article was passed over by many Pirate bloggers, but Bucdaddy sent me an email saying it was worth a look, and I think he's right. The Post-Gazette tries to figure out where the Pirates' payroll money is going, and they come up a couple million short. Perhaps that isn't a surprise. But what I found interesting is the amount of money the Pirates are spending on players they're paying to go away, or on players who won't help at all - they're dropping more than $10 million this year for Jason Kendall, Jeromy Burnitz, Jody Gerut, and B.P. Chacon. When your total payroll is $50 million, that's quite a lot.