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Chicago Cubs vs. Pittsburgh, 30 April 2007

7:05 PM, WPGB. No local TV for this one, but it's on WGN.

Rich Hill (3-1, 1.57) vs. Zach Duke (1-2, 6.92). Hill had his worst start of the year in his last outing, allowing four runs in 6.2 innings against Milwaukee, but he's still been fantastic so far this year. Rich Hill + Pirates offense may equal a very small number of runs. Zach Duke + Cubs offense may equal quite a few more - the Cubs are tied with the Brewers for most runs scored in the division, and they've scored six or more runs in four of their last seven games.

If you get a chance to watch this one and you haven't seen Felix Pie yet, I'd try to keep an eye on him. He was called up two weeks ago. I've said this before, but I saw him play three years ago in Daytona Beach, and he's honestly one of the most fun baseball players to watch that I've ever seen. He's athletic, powerful and emotional. And he's fast as the wind and has an amazing arm.

It kind of got buried down there, but don't forget to check out RJVasilak's fine NL Central Heat Index.