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Link Roundup: 4/4/07

-P- Baseball Prospectus (subscription required) has an interview with Baseball America editor John Manuel about Brad Lincoln's injury. I hadn't realized how intense Lincoln's workload was in college. He threw over 120 pitches in five of his last six starts. Remember, he didn't pitch well after signing with the Pirates last year - there's really no way to tell if he was damaged goods from the start.

-P- Also in the minors, WTM points out that the Pirates have sent outfielder Jamie Romak - the one acquired with Adam LaRoche - to Low Class A despite his having played pretty well there last year. This may indicate that the Pirates don't think of him as a prospect.

-P- Dan Kolb and Luis Matos will play for Indianapolis. Jose Hernandez may do so as well.

-P- Chris Carpenter has elbow soreness and will miss his next start. Tony LaRussa says the injury isn't serious, and Cards fans had better hope it isn't, because their team is in some serious trouble if Carpenter misses much time.