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Link Roundup: 4/5/07

-P- Here's WTM's preview of what should be a pretty bad Hickory team. There should be a number of prospects on the Crawdads' pitching staff, however.

-P- Daisuke Matsuzaka had an excellent debut today, striking out ten. Granted, it was the Royals, but I'm watching the game and it's impressive - he has a weird delivery and good stuff, and he's setting up hitters very well. Zack Greinke was terrific for Kansas City despite taking the loss, striking out seven batters and allowing only one earned run.

-P- The Phillies just acquired fireballing pitcher Francisco Rosario from the Jays for cash after the Jays designated him for assignment. Rosario was very good last year at Class AAA Syracuse and he hasn't gotten a ton of chances to try to make it as a reliever, so this could be a nifty low-cost pickup for Philadelphia.

-P- Mark Buerhle had to leave today's game against Cleveland when a ball hit by Ryan Garko hit him in the arm. X-Rays were negative.