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Pittsburgh vs. Cincinnati, 6 April 2007

UPDATE: The Reds have decided that the game tomorrow will be a day game (1:00), not a night game as scheduled.


It's Paul Maholm vs. Matt Belisle. Belisle is a fringy swingman righthander type who the Reds probably wish they didn't have to have in their rotation, although he did shut the Bucs down for six innings in their season finale last year.

Here's the box. It's the same lineup as usual for the Pirates. The Reds start Jeff Conine at first instead of Scott Hatteberg.

Excellent... the Bucs are getting to Belisle early, as Ronny Paulino knocks in Chris Duffy with an RBI single.

I'll be watching the game for an hour or so tonight. As an experiment, I'm going to try leaving my thoughts in the comment section, both because it's easier (no HTML) and because it will hopefully encourage others to comment. So don't be alarmed if this post winds up with a huge number of comments.