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Link Roundup: 4/9/07

-P- The AP reports that John Grabow is still about three weeks away from returning to the Bucs.

-P- Here's some trouble for the Cardinals: Chris Carpenter has been placed on the DL because of elbow inflammation. Randy Keisler will start against the Bucs tomorrow. Keisler's awful, but then again, so is Braden Looper, and look what we couldn't do against him.

-P- Dan Wheeler has replaced Brad Lidge as the Astros' new closer.

-P- Mike Hampton will miss another season after doctors today discovered a torn flexor tendon after he pitched a side session yesterday. He'll have surgery tomorrow.

-P- "Big Z" is starting a feud between the Cubs and the Brewers. Bring it on, I say! Zambrano:

'In Cincinnati, they're better hitters than in Milwaukee,'' he said. ''I don't say that the Milwaukee Brewers are nothing, but the offense of the Cincinnati Reds is better.''

Oh no he didn't! Johnny Estrada, your response?

''Seriously, that guy doesn't have much etiquette as far as I'm concerned. Zero mound presence. We'll face him a lot, and maybe we'll get him next time.''

Oh snap! Did you hear that, Big Z? You don't have etiquette! Your mama eats her dessert with her salad fork!

Ok, as feuds go, this one is pretty weak.