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Jose Castillo: The New Derek Bell

This is rich.

Jose Castillo's agent has asked the Pirates to try to trade his client if he cannot play regularly.

Castillo, the team's everyday second baseman for three years before becoming a spare part this season, has informed management through agent Scott Pucino that, if he is not going to see regular duty, he would prefer to be sent elsewhere, two sources intimately familiar with the matter confirmed.

Well, that's certainly interesting. I can't think of many teams that would have much use for a second baseman who was quite possibly the worst starting position player in baseball last year (Ok, Clint Barmes and Angel Berroa may have been worse), who has done absolutely nothing with the bat since last May, and who's hitting .188/.212/.219 this year. It's possible that Castillo's main concern is just getting out of Pittsburgh, rather than playing time, but if he's honestly worried about playing time, he's not going to get much of it with any other major league team, either.

Castillo is letting his agent do the talking on this one, but let's be honest - Castillo is behind this. And his gall, given the number of chances he's received with the Pirates, is simply stunning. It's not quite Derek Bell "Operation Shutdown" gall, but only because it's not as colorful.

UPDATE: Todd Walker has been designated for assignment by the A's. If Walker had any trade value whatsoever, you can bet the A's would have dealt him. Walker's still a much better player than Castillo. Again: why would anyone trade for Castillo and give him playing time?