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Atlanta vs. Pittsburgh, 12 May 2007

7:05 PM, WPGB

Chuck James (3-3, 4.84) vs. Tony Armas (0-2, 7.94). James allows a ton of flyballs, but other than that, he's a little like fellow lefty Zach Duke - he had a ton of success in his minor league career and did well in his first extended stay in the majors, putting up a 3.78 ERA in 119 innings last year. He gets by more with guile than with stuff, though - he changes speeds well - and is now having a somewhat tougher time in his second turn through the league.

The NL Central is tight right now - if the Bucs win today, they could end up a half-game removed from second place, depending on how the Cubs do (or if their game against the Phillies, now delayed, is finished at all). If the Pirates lose, they could end up tied for last, depending on how the Cardinals and Reds do.

Here's the box. Chris Duffy is back in centerfield and in the leadoff spot. Xavier Nady starts in right, Brad Eldred is at first, and Ryan Doumit catches.

UPDATE: Chuck James has a perfect game going through five. It feels like this has happened at least three or four times this year.

UPDATE: James walks two in the sixth, but he's still got a no-hitter going, thanks to a Jose Castillo double play (what team wouldn't want to start that guy?) and a questionable third strike call against Brad Eldred. Jinx jinx jinx jinx jinx.

UPDATE: Jason Bay finally breaks up the no-hitter with a single in the seventh.