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Arizona vs. Pittsburgh, 18 May 2007


Doug Davis (2-4, 2.72) vs. Ian Snell (3-2, 2.38).

The entire rest of baseball has interleague play, and here we are playing the Diamondbacks. At least they're a super-fun young team, and we get to see Randy Johnson on Sunday - I feel bad for D'Backs fans.

Davis has a ton of unearned runs; he's not nearly as interesting now as he was a couple years ago when he was making the Brewers look brilliant for picking him up for nothing. But the Diamondbacks' lineup is really neat despite a slow start: they've got a couple of promising outfield prospects in Chris Young (who's steadily improving after a slow start) and Carlos Quentin, a Mark Grace-lite young first baseman in Conor Jackson, top prospect Stephen Drew at shortstop, and a couple of relatively interesting young catchers (Miguel Montero and Chris Snyder, who've actually been pretty bad so far). They also recently called up third baseman Mark Reynolds, who'd been hitting well at Class AA Mobile. Like the Pirates, their offense has been pretty slow so far, but unlike the Pirates, you can see how the D'Backs' offense could become really good in short order.

Let's keep it going in the comments. I'll join in late.

Here's the box. Ryan Doumit isn't in it, so I guess scoring a lot of runs isn't a high priority. And Jose Castillo is actually starting at shortstop.