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Chicago Cubs vs. Pittsburgh, 2 May 2007

12:35, WPGB

The Cubs have a 6-5 lead in the seventh inning of last night's game, which was delayed by rain; they'll play that game first, and then play today's regularly scheduled game, which features a matchup of Jason Marquis and Ian Snell. Unlike the first two starters we faced in this series (Rich Hill and Ted Lilly), Marquis isn't getting his tiny (2.35) ERA at all honestly; he has struck out 14 batters while walking 13. He has, however, done a much better job than usual of keeping the ball in the park - he allowed 35 jacks last year for the Cardinals, but has just one in five starts so far this year. His .220 BABIP for the year will rise considerably, however.

Here's the box for today's scheduled game. Snell is already struggling in the top of the first; it's 1-0 Cubs, and Derrek Lee is on second.